Canada Goose sippingCanada Goose sipping      Join Michael this summer for one of his 2021 Magothy River or Chesapeake Bay Photography workshops! 4 participants (from beginner to expert) per session will enjoy a fun and relaxed day of photography on a private 14 acre estate on a cove on the Magothy River with access to multiple waterfowl, birding, and even possible deer and fox photo opportunities. Practice photographing birds in flight and on the water from the shoreline or floating dock with tips from the photographer. Depending on the weather and light conditions, sometime during the day we will depart the dock on our 26' center console boat, uniquely equipped for photographing from the water, for a 2 hour boat tour of the Magothy River and Gibson Island where we will photograph more wildlife, including ospreys, heron, cranes and hopefully a bald eagle or two. Other points of interest will include several magnificent waterfront estates, a waterfront horse farm with a private beach (for the horses), a picturesque anchorage of the Gibson Island Yacht Club with its many unique and colorful moored boats and skiffs, beautiful shorelines, duck blinds, Dobbins Island and Little Island with its eccentric water surrounded estate.

     For more adventurous mariners, the Chesapeake Bay tour will spend a little more time on the water and in the open bay and offer unique photographic opportunities of some of the Chesapeake Bay's light houses and its magnificent twin span Chesapeake Bay Bridge, up close and personal. Along the way we are sure to see some beautiful sailboats, unique workboats, colorful charter fishing boats and luxury motor yachts with good opportunities to practice some action photography.  When we return to the dock we'll relax on the deck or in the sun room and take a look at our shots of the day. Everyone will work with Michael and learn some of his computer editing and printing techniques and each person will choose one of their best photographs of the day for professional editing and a 8x10 print on a commercial grade Canon Pro-300 printer, with your choice of photographic papers.

     For those interested in learning about or advancing their aerial drone piloting and photography skills, Michael will demonstrate the use of his DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone with some sample aerial photos from the boat or shore, depending on the winds and weather. Everyone can try looking through the FPV (First Person View) goggles where you will experience a birds eye view from the drone's camera from 400' above the ground and moving up to 30 mph! Not recommended for anyone who gets motion sickness!

     More details to come on dates and pricing! Email us today to get on our mailing list for updates and a calendar of scheduled workshops.